Judy Bankson from Maryland
"Thank you! You took two ordinary quilts and returned extraordinary treasures. Your art and your needleworkers are priceless."

PH from Delaware
"I adore Jean's creations. To me, her patterns are superb teachers and great motivators. Tying the old with the new makes the very best modern."

LH from Virginia
"You two never disappoint and surely continue to amaze and dazzle us all with your great work. Ambitiously arranged and faithful to your signature work ethic as these aren't enough you bundle them into an Open House replete with gracious detail, personal touches. I was hoping to see Chris again this year and found triple delight to find Lila and Molly with you as well. This comes with my thanks and a huge wish for successful surgery."

MC from California
"Thank you so much! Quilt is beautiful. I will be sharing your information with my quilting groups. Look forward to sending you another quilt in the near future."

GB from Georgia
"The quilt arrived yesterday and it is magnificent! I'm thrilled beyond words with the remarkable job your quilter did-so many tiny perfect stitches! Please let her know how touched I am by her obvious care and craftsmanship. She has made an important part of my life come alive. And many, many thanks to you for bringing this quilt alive too!" Hawaiian Quilt Top her parents saved after Pearl Harbor attack in 1941.

AJ from Maryland
"I just received my basket quilt on Friday, and it is absolutely spectacular! The marking that you did Dick, is beautiful, and perfect for that particular quilt. I especially loved how the border came out, with the double diagonal lines. The quilting is amazing! The stitches are very, very even--something we all look for--and they are small--another thing we covet! Finally, Georgina did a beautiful job with my binding, per usual--and I loved how she sewed the sleeve--with a bit of added creativity, given that I did not have enough fabric-- but leave it to Georgina to come up with a lovely way to think and execute outside the box! I showed off my quilt, right away, at my quilt shop, and ALL the employees were very impressed with the quilting and the cost. I honestly, cannot imagine a better place to go to than Bellwether Dry Goods, for the services you offer. Bellwether Dry Goods provides us quilters with much needed services that are very carefully executed! I am a lifetime member!"

AD from Maryland
"How magnificent! My quilt is a masterpiece. Beautiful marking skills and Lizzie B's exceptional quilting ability. I am thrilled with the results and thank you for helping to create a thing of beauty and an heirloom to last through the ages."

LG from Maryland
"The quilt is absolutely beautiful. Oh my gosh, I can't thank you enough! Several people I have shown it to are now thinking of getting their unquilted quilts out, so hopefully you'll get some calls. It is just awesome and you did fantastic on that binding!"

DH from Massachusetts
"What a difference the quilting makes. It looks wonderful. I will be spending the weekend sewing the binding on the 3 quilts you have finished. Something I love to on the porch."

MS from Massachusetts
"My quilt arrived last evening safely. B.M is to be complimented for the fine quilting she did on the quilt. The two of you did a wonderful job choosing and marking the designs. You also did a great job in the binding. Thank you both so much. Can't wait to show the quilt to all my quilting friends!"

DR from New Jersey
"Love the quilt. Excellent workmanship. Such tiny, even stitches. It's an heirloom quilt for sure. Thanks for the photo. I always seeing seeing your quilts in person. Love their style. Thank you."

JR from New Jersey
"I put my quilt that I recently sent to you for hand quilting, in a Mancuso Bros. quilt show and it won Judges Choice. I was contacted today by the Creative Director of Quilters Newsletter magazine saying she saw my quilt at the show and wants to publish it in the magazine."

MS from New Jersey
"You really know how to make some scraps of fabric become a sight to behold. My heartfelt thanks!"

MS from New Jersey
"A quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted. You are the best ever to diagnose a quilt for the best use of pattern designs to make a quilt in perfect harmony sing. The stitching is so unbelievably small and perfect. Your binding stitches are so perfect and small. Thank you for your superior services."

MS from New Jersey
"Flower of the Month and Sunburnt Country arrived on my doorstep. The artistry of the various quilting designs enlightens Sunburnt Country while the outer plaid border and bindings enrich the quilt. I love the brown sashing and outer border on Flowers of the Month. I admire your ability to choose the correct fabrics in all your quilts." (This quilt maker trusted us to choose borders, sashings, backing and binding fabrics for her quilts)

EG from New Mexico
"The quilt is beautiful! Thank you so much. Can't tell you how much I appreciate that you can do this for people like me. I just wish that I could have started quilting many years ago. Oh well, I'm playing with the grandkids. Such good advice Georgina. Thanks again."

EG from New Mexico
"I said it before and I'll say it again. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The quilting is just fabulous. Bless you for doing this for me. Oh how I wish I had more time to applique just to see the wonderful quilting. Thank you again. Blessings!"

SD from New Mexico
"Thanks for ALL you do for me. Quilt arrived safely. Absolutely spectacular. Working on more tops to send."
"I would not be quilting, my passion, if Bellwether were not there. You and Dick have become such good friends and advisors. I'm looking forward to adding "Little Surprises" to my collection."

AW from New York
"Received my quilt back September 20-the quilting is truly magnificent. Thank you so very much!"

DD from New York
"I love my quilt. It is going to be such an heirloom keepsake. Entering it in a show this summer. You are the best. Thank you so much!"
"I am so happy with my quilt. I LOVE the tiny binding and the hand quilting is beautiful. Thanks so much for the fast turnaround and the care you took of my Dear Jane. I will be coming back to you again!"

MS from New York
"Thank you so much for the beautiful job on the quilts. They came out so beautiful. I have many more to send, just have to get them ready. Thank you, thank you! Stay warm!"

BS from Oklahoma
"The quilting is perfect. I love the cross hatch and everything else."

MAL from Oregon
"So sorry late. Our daughter was in Colorado. So did not open the box until today. The marking design is the work of a true artist. Thank you Mr. Fries. Thank you Georgina. Thank LB quilter. We are overwhelmed with the beautiful hand work."

DR from Pennsylvania
"We received the quilt and were amazed at how great it turned out. I can't express how happy we are with the quilting and beauty in its finished state. Thanks so much for the beautiful job."

SW from Pennsylvania
"Thank you, I love this small treasure, the binding cut diagonally from the backing fabric sets the whole piece off beautifully. It is good to be back in your stitches. Exquisite, extensive quilting. Subtle to the average viewing eye, but will draw attention as to a magnet attracting further viewing. I appreciate all the attention to fine details and was oh so happy to have my children home from camp."

DH from Virginia
"What a fantastic job all of you did on my quilt. Thanks for making it my masterpiece sampler. I will be proud to hand it down to my family."

RT from Virginia
"Thanks Georgina & Richard. The quilt looks great!" 1940's Lone Star.

A. Brewster from Alabama
"The quilt turned out excellent. Very pleased with the work. Thanks again for such beautiful work and so quick too!"

T. Johnson from Alabama
“The quilts arrived safely and are handsome. Friends of Cathy will have a shower next week for her. The quilts will make a perfect gift! I know they will be a permanent part of the girls’ lives. Thank you so much.” (Commissioned 1930s textiles crib quilts for expected twin grand daughters)

M.D. from Alabama
"The quilting is beautiful, so carefully done. It enhanced the quilt, just as it should. Altogether, the quilt is pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. It's everything I hoped for and I'm very grateful to you and the quilter for the wonderful workmanship."

E.P. from California
"The quilt arrived last evening. What a great surprise! It is beautiful. The hand quilting is excellent. Will work to send you another quilt."

S. Sears from California
“Thank you is not sufficient. My small quilts are awesome! Quilting is the finishing touch that for me has taken my pieces from nice to beyond words. I will pass your name along. I can’t say enough good things about you!”

J. Hallinan from California
"The quilting stitches are perfect. Will be sending the next top soon."

J. Rafferty from Connecticut
“The quilt arrived last night and it is indeed beautiful. The quilting is lovely. The quilting designs are wonderful!”

D.P. from Delaware
"The "Heart & Home" quilt arrived yesterday. I am in awe! First of the person who chose the quilting designs. Second the person who did the sewing. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!"

J. Pack from Rehoboth, Delaware
"The quilt has been received. It is gorgeous!"

T.C. from Illinois
"Absolutely terrific! Will send the next one soon!"

G. Galloway-Nicholson from Maine
"I received the quilts yesterday. I love each of them. The white quilting in the featherly pattern made the "icy" blue quilt look fantstic!"

F. Lopes from Easton, Maryland
"Thought I'd let ya'll know that my Baltimore Album quilt has been selected for the Houston Show. I'm in the process of putting the special sleeve and label on it and getting it ready to mail. I think I'm going through separation anxiety as it will be gone a year in order to be shown at other shows. I've never been to the Houston show, so I have a room booked and plan to make it. If not this year, then when. Thank ya'll so much for being a part of my journey."

J. Phillips from Maryland
“Thank you for making my quilting dreams come true.”

E. Troutman from Annapolis, Maryland
"You have done the usual top notch job."

M. Hampton from Maryland
"The tops arrived safely. Excellent job. I love your choices in the marking!"

H. Flint from Maryland
"Received the Depression Star Quilt. I just loved it-looks wonderful!"

M. Sparks from Maryland
"The Garden Tea Party quilt arrived this afternoon. The quilting is really exceptional-such small stitches! It has turned out beautifully. Thank you for the efforts you made to get it back to me before our show in November.

A. Bond from Maryland
"I am so excited about how beautiful the quilt looks! You have a real talent in designing the pattern and quilting. I am really inspired to get the next one rolling."

D. Bednarczyk from Maryland
"The quilt is absolutely lovely! The quilting is very pretty. I too love the simplicity of the quilt. It is going to look awesome on my bed. Georgina, I love the documentation on the back-thank you!"

J. Harrison from Maryland
“The quilts arrived last night. As always, they are so beautiful. Both the design and workmanship are flawless. Thank you both. I wish I had started earlier in my life. So much I want to do.”

M. Muncie from Severna Park, Maryland
“The quilting is wonderful! This quilter does fabulous work! Thank you Dick for choosing the quilting patterns, they work wonderfully. I am so thrilled with all the quilts that you have helped me with.”

T. Faulkner from Maryland
"Thanks again for the wonderful quilting job on my blue and white star quilt. I finished adding the binding (blue!) this weekend and I just love it. Dicks choice of quilting design turned a very ordinary top into something very special and this will be a quilt I truly treasure."

S. Katz from Massachusetts
"The fabrics and colors are beautiful. I am delighted with the floral applique."

B. Ivens from Michigan
"What a beautiful quilt! Thank you so much for your help and great advice. I think the backing is as pretty as the front. You've help create a beautiful keepsake and memory for my daughter's 16th birthday!"

L. Hannemann from New Jersey
"Thank you so much. The quilt is just beautiful. She did a great job! Thank you for getting the quilt back in such a timely manner."

S. Sorge from New Jersey
"Wow! My quilt turned out absolutely gorgeous! I am so pleased with it. Please convey my thanks to the woman who quilted it."

K. Resinger from New Jersey
"The quilt arrived safely yesterday and is truly beautiful. My grandmother is smiling from above."

S. Liebler from Lebanon, New Jersey
"I am so thrilled with everything about my quilt. I've decided to keep your name for it-Copper Pennies. It just fits so well. Your service was prompt, personal and the workmanship(quilting, sleeve and binding) was expert. Thank you so much again!"

V. Fallon from Medford, New Jersey
“I was thrilled to get your note. If the quilting is anything like the quilting on the other quilts, I know I will be pleased. I gave the Star Quilt to my son and his new bride for their wedding. Hopefully, I will have a couple more tops shortly after the New Year for you.”

J. Spencer from Princeton, New Jersey
“What an absolutely breath taking quilter you have. It is wonderful!”

D. Koenig, Stanhope, New Jersey
“Excellent choice of quilting designs! Looks great. Thanks!”

S. Doyle from Albuquerque, New Mexico
"I must say I believe this is the best quilting yet! Rec'd the sampler quilt-excellent job! I'm very pleased. Thx for our comments. So glad Helen told me about you guys!"

C.M from New Mexico
"When I got the last batch of little Civil War quilts back, the beautiful quilting made me wish that I had pieced them by hand. They really were wonderful. You marked them just as you would a large quilt! All of that work brought tears to my eyes. I have two more left to do. I will send those later. Thank you so much for taking care of my Lincoln quilt. It will go to my son who has great interest in the Civil War. I just hope that he will come to appreciate the fact that these quilts come back to us through you are really very special."

C. M. from New Mexico
"The quilt arrived last night by UPS. The box looked as though it had been underneath whatever the heaviest box was that they had in the truck but, wow and oh my, the quilt!

You and the quilter transformed an ordinary quilt into a beautiful heirloom. The top was gorgeous, but the back was equally as beautiful. Her stitches really came through on that gray backing. Every time I think the quality is as good as it can get you send me another extraordinary piece. I know you will let her know how wonderful her work is and how much I appreciate her labors.

I would be grateful if you would send me her initials and possibly her state. I like to put all of that info on the label. I have only one son and I am charging him with the responsibility to see that these Quilts go to the right place and I want all of the information that you send to go along with each quilt. I can only hope that they fall into worthy hands.

Wow and wow again! I only hoped that you would send a little list of quilts that would be suitable for Baptist Fan quilting. Never did I expect to get patterns and a sample to boot from your own collection! I can't believe I was so lucky to find your business on the internet and that I was smart enough to choose you folks to take care of my quilts. I really liked the samples and right now I am leaning toward the smaller one that forms a lattice. They are both beautiful."

R.K. from New York
"Thank you so much, the quilt looks amazing!"

B. Schenck from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
"Your quilter did a wonderful job. Her stitches were so uniform!"

J. Roche from Solebury, Pennsylvania
“Received Yellow Baskets and Blue Quilt. They are wonderful–the quilting ‘makes’ both of them.”

D. Howard from Thornton, Pennsylvania
"I received the quilt today and the quilting design and quilting are beautiful, as always. This past weekend I entered two quilts that you have quilted under the group category(giving Bellwether credit for the quilting). We got a second place ribbon and an honorable mention."

O. McDowell from Dallas, Texas
"It's here, and it's gorgeous!" Annapolis Fire Battalion Chief's mother. We assembled applique butterflies and flowers blocks. Hand quilted queen size quilt & pillows.

C. Sydow from Kingwood, Texas
“That was really a quick turnaround–wow! It is just wonderful!”

M. Cameron from St. Albans, Vermont
"Quilt is very beautiful. Thank you very much!

C. Rosenberg from Annandale, Virginia
"I am completely thrilled with this quilt! I love the designs you chose and the workmanship is superb. Thank you so much for all the care and love you put into each quilt. It is always a pleasure dealing with you! Please tell the woman who worked on this quilt that I appreciate the time, effort and skill she put into a quilt for someone she doesn't even know!"

M. Huffman from Kilmarnock, Virginia
"The wall hanging arrived yesterday. I have never seen more beautiful quilting in all my experience. Thank you and thank her from the depth of my heart.

M. Albert from Lake Ridge, Virginia
“My grandsons were here when the quilt arrived and did they ever love it! We spread it out in the front room and oh’ed and ah’ed!”

B. Higgins from Washington, D.C.
"I got the quilt today and the quilting was great. Thanks again!"

M. Lamboley from Washington, D.C.
"The quilt is far lovelier than I had every imagined it would be. Thank you for the obvious care your took in completing something that is so special to my family. Your workmanship is exquisite."

P.H. from West Virginia
"The quilt is extraordinary. Such beautiful workmanship! Thank you!"

M. Roen from River Falls, Wisconsin
"I was so excited to receive your note-it's like one of our kids is coming home! Thank you and my dear quilter for your hard work."