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Georgina Fries
Bellwether Dry Goods

Mailing Address Only
Post Office Box 6
Lothian, Maryland 20711

UPS & FedEx Shipping Address Only
137 Bayard Road
Lothian, Maryland 20711

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By appointment only. 20 minutes from Annapolis, 30 minutes from Washington, D.C. and 50 minutes from Baltimore.

Potluck at Bellwether Cookbook

Click here to download our Potluck at Bellwether Cookbook.


If you are interested in purchasing a Bellwether quilt, please contact Georgina Fries at 410-867–0665. The quilts featured on our web site are just a few of the quilts we have available. Each quilt is custom made using 100% cotton fabrics. Once you have selected your quilt, please send a check, which includes shipping, applicable state sales tax and insurance charges. When your check clears, your quilt will be insured and shipped to you with a return postcard enclosed requesting your delivery confirmation. We do not accept credit cards. A small personal check will hold any purchase or service.

About Us

Georgina lives just 12 miles south of Annapolis, Maryland, where she and her husband Richard raised five children before starting Bellwether Dry Goods in 1981. Both avid gardeners, Bellwether is a treat to visit. Their pre–Civil War dated home filled with antiques makes a great day trip. Scenic routes to Bellwether and wonderful Maryland Crab Cake restaurants!